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About Us

Mission:  to lend support to our fellow IBD family in a feel good, positive environment.

Vision:  to be a national network of online and in person support to those who have Inflammatory Bowel Disease in a  positive format which will share and embrace our personal journeys with the disease. 

About Us:  This group is for people with IBD or for family members/friends who support those with Crohn's Disease/Ulcerative Colitis. Why the name IBDJourneys? First off, living with IBD, every day is a journey. Then, let's take a  look at the definition itself, "a journey means to travel from one place to another"!  Is that  not a complete description of what happened to us (life pre-IBD and life post-IBD) ?  WE were in one place in our life and traveled to another (and what a long strange trip it has been).  For the most part, the name IBDJourneys was born during my last hospital stay at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC,  July 2012.  While sitting in the dayroom of the GI Surgical Care Unit, I noticed many patients congregating there and having a need.....a need to connect, a need to share and a need  to have someone understand what we have gone through and what we are going through. I also noticed that small kindnesses to each other goes a long way---buying a little trinket from the gift shop, sharing a magazine with another,  or simply a nod of understanding,  followed up with a smile. :) 

Forum:  Our forum is set up like a journey.  It brings us from our lives before the disease to "how are we feeling today?" (don't ya' just love when Dr's ask that question?) Please make a cup of tea, visit the forum and share. Keep in mind, your story may be the inspiration someone needs to get through the day!

This site is yours!  Share your journey, inspire each other! 

IBDJourneys has a feel good, positive environment, however dark the day may seem, it is my personal goal to spread some support and sunshine around!   ---sharon coyle-saeed   

                                                                                                                   diagnosed with UC '90
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